Our History

Additional Information

JP Tool was originally founded in 1976 near Woodland Hills, CA by Jim Pullin. Three years later the company was moved to the current location Central Point, OR. After moving to Oregon JP Tool expanded and started training tool and die makers through Oregon's apprenticeship program, added more punch press machines and purchased new advanced support machinery. In 1993 three of the Journeyman tool makers who completed their apprenticeship program came together and bought the company.

Originally JP Tool built tooling for other stamping facilities and did some production stamping. As the new business owners looked for ways to improve the business they decided to focus more on production of stamped parts. JP Tool stopped the manufacture of tooling for other facilities and started manufacturing high volume progressive metal stamping dies for in house production and is still the main focus today. JP Tool is all about production of high quality metal stamped parts and maintains production for many well known quality brands. Currently JP Tool is still owned by two of the three original partners and continues to improve and set the standard for quality metal stamping.